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Rowing Gadgets

Medals and keyrings

Are you bored of the same classic round medal? Do you want to have a special prize-giving? Paddle-shaped medal is what you need!
Do you want to give a gift of appreciation to the athletes of your rowing club?
The paddle-shaped keyrings is the right answer!

Rower keyring

The rower keyring: practical and elegant is available with chrome colour.

Sliding seat shaped keyring

portachiavi carrello

portachiavi carrello

Nickel “sliding seat shaped” keyring.

Nickel keyrings


Nickel paddle-shaped keyrings are personalized with laser engraving (writings, logos- we just need a .jpg file)
Minimum order 50 pieces per colour.

Medals keyrings

Medaglie macon 

Paddle-shaped medals which can be easily transformed into key rings, so whoever receives the medal will have the opportunity to have it near-at-hand to remind them of the event!
Beyond being an original prizeā€¦it is also useful! Paddles are personalized with laser engraving (writings or logos, we just need a .jpg file) and paddles are available in three colours: gold, silver or bronze.
Minimum order 100 pieces per colour.

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